BREAKING – Mike Pence Just Took Down Paul Ryan! Look What He Just Did…

Paul Ryan backed out of supporting Donald Trump, but it wasn’t because Ryan is any more honorable than Donald Trump. Ryan dropped out because it was politically convenient, but now Donald Trump’s running mate had a new response:

Pence decided that he too would not attend an event hosted by Paul Ryan after he dropped Donald Trump from the event, per Pence decided of his own accord not to attend this Wisconsin event.

This decision by Mike Pence should put to rest a number of unscrupulous rumors, with some saying Pence would leave the ticket.

Trump’s campaign is of course under siege for some comments he made, and Hillary and Bill are doing everything the can to keep it going. But those of you in the silent majority, please take note:

This scandal is only designed to try to get your attention off the real scandals, including the fact that Hillary put our country at risk because of her insecure server and the fact she did not help anyone during Benghazi and then proceeded to lie about both of them.

Donald Trump and Mike Pence believe the system is broken.

There is mounting evidence of that idea, especially considering there is an immense number of GOP senators and politicians who are calling on Trump to step aside from the campaign and let Pence run in his place. Many individuals are now refusing to vote for the real estate billionaire.

This is definitely a move that flies in the face of all logic, especially considering these off-the-cuff statements by Trump were made more than ten years ago when the man wasn’t even seeking office.

These GOP stalwarts that are so appalled at Trump’s private statements do not appear to be even remotely as shocked over the fact Hillary has many things every bit as bad during her long career in public service. She has engaged in “gutter talk” as a governor’s wife and as First Lady.

Although we can count on Hillary not to do the right thing, we can be eternally grateful of the fact that Mike Pence is a person of integrity and is not cut from the same cloth. His supporter will no doubt go up.

Weighing heavily on Pence’s mind has to be the fact that it would literally be political suicide for Trump to actually step down and have him run in his place. His disavowing of Paul Ryan is a step in the right direction and yet again illustrates that Trump made the right decision with his VP selection.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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