BREAKING: Name of GOP Spoiler Candidate Revealed… Could Be Worse Than We Thought

Members of the #NeverTrump movement has been saying for months that they wanted to draft a third party candidate, preferably a conservative, to provide Republican voters with a “better” option than Trump.

It appeared these anti-Trump folks have finally found someone. Recent reports seem to indicate that conservative lawyer David French was the potential third party alternative.

Admittedly, French has a very impressive résumé. He is a veteran of Operation Iraqi Freedom who received the Bronze Star, a staff writer for the National Review and the author of several books, according to Bloomberg. Like Sen. Ted Cruz, French is also a constitutional lawyer.

While there is no doubt French, pictured below, is a true conservative and a patriot, his potential third party run would only serve to ensure that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton would win the White House.

David French

French has a large enough following that he could draw a significant number of Republican voters who aren’t quite thrilled at the idea of a Trump presidency, thereby essentially playing spoiler in this race.

No definitive announcement has been made, and Republican sources have stated that French has yet to actually make a final decision.

Bill Kristol, who has teased a potential third party announcement coming soon, lavished praise on French after listing off potential third party candidates, but has not yet commented on the rumors that French is the pick.

“To say that he would be a better and a more responsible president than Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is to state a truth that would become self-evident as more Americans got to know him,” Kristol stated.

Reaction to the leak was mixed, but largely negative. Even those who knew who he was — and there didn’t appear to be many — didn’t think he had a shot.

Some examples from Twitter:

French might make a fine president, but if he has hopes for the Oval Office he should wait until the next Republican primary. We can’t afford to do anything that would make it easy for Clinton to win the White House.

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