BREAKING: National Poll Stuns America… Voters Never Saw This Coming

It’s been a one-two punch for Hillary Clinton this week.

First, a Fox News national poll was released yesterday that showed billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump holding a marginal lead over the former secretary of State and presumptive Democrat nominee.

Then, before anyone could dismiss that poll as little more than an outlier, it was reinforced by another national poll showing Trump with an even bigger lead over Clinton.

According to the U.K. Daily Mail, the new poll from Rasmussen Reports revealed a 5-point lead for the celebrity real estate mogul over the scandal-plagued former senator and first lady, 42 to 37 percent.


Roughly 20 percent of respondents to the poll expressed their distaste for both candidates, with about 13 percent backing an unnamed third-party candidate and roughly 7 percent remaining undecided.

Perhaps the most important number from the poll, which was great news for Trump and exceptionally concerning for Clinton, was the number of independent voters backing each candidate. Trump won decisively among unaffiliated voters, 41 to 28, with about 30 percent remaining undecided or going the third-party route.

Though Clinton’s supporters and Trump’s haters in the media would rather ignore or deny what is happening, it is becoming clearer with every new poll that the two candidates are moving in opposite directions, with Trump steadily moving upwards while Clinton is plummeting from her originally high heights.

Expect to see more polls like this going forward, with Trump pulling ahead to an even bigger lead as Clinton continues to be dogged by scandals, an angry and divided Democrat base, and an opponent who actually isn’t afraid to hit her hard, and deservedly so.

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