BREAKING: #NeverTrump Candidate Makes Stunning Announcement

Conservatives who have been less than thrilled about Donald Trump being the Republican electorate’s choice for president in November have been searching for a replacement to run as an independent.

The #NeverTrump movement feared that Trump was not a true conservative, so led by Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol, it attempted to recruited someone “worthy” of the conservative vote — National Review columnist and author David French.

French, a veteran, constitutional attorney and conservative writer, thought about the opportunity, but on Sunday, he announced that he would not be running for president.

The #NeverTrump recruit revealed his decision in an article for the National Review.

“Here is a sentence I never thought I’d type: After days of prayer, reflection, and serious study of the possibilities, I am not going to run as an independent candidate for president of the United States,” French wrote.

Although French wrote that he still believes a “path to victory” did exist for an independent presidential candidate, he did not think he was the one who could navigate that path successfully.

“Indeed, the path is there. I spent the last several days with some of the best minds in politics,” he wrote. “I learned that the ballot-access challenge can be met with modest effort (by an existing network ready to activate), that the polling for a true outsider independent was better than most people know, and that there are many, many Americans — including outstanding political talents — who are willing to quit their jobs — today — to help provide the American people with an alternative.

French explained that whoever runs as an independent against Trump and Hillary Clinton would need to have the right tools to succeed.

“But given the timing, the best chance for success goes to a person who either is extraordinarily wealthy (or has immediate access to extraordinary wealth) or is a transformational political talent,” he wrote. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve my country, and I thank God for the successes I’ve had as a lawyer and a writer, but it is plain to me that I’m not the right person for this effort.”

The #NeverTrump movement has not yet announced if it will be seriously recruiting someone else to represent its voice in November, but its member have to be disappointed that French turned down the opportunity.

H/T Washington Examiner

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