BREAKING: New National Poll Shows Stunning Surge In Presidential Race

Liberals ought to be very frightened, because according to a new general election matchup poll, Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton led presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump by only 3 points, whereas last week she led him by 5 points.

Conducted by NBC News and SurveyMonkey during the second week of May, the poll boasted a meager 1.2 point margin of error, meaning that the race was all but a statistical tie at this point, especially given that the final results appear to have been rounded, and we can’t be sure in what direction.

Moreover, the poll showed Trump leading Clinton by 8 points among independent voters, 11 points among men and 14 points among whites.

The reverse existed among minority voters and women, in that Clinton led Trump with both groups.


An analysis of the voters’ income levels displayed a similar dichotomy. Voters with less education favored Trump, yet voters with an annual income of $50,000 or more a year favored him as well.

The reason for his support among the less educated remained a bit murky, but the reasoning behind his favorability among the well-off definitely made sense — they preferred a candidate who would not increase their taxes, among other things.


The most shocking part of this survey was the revelation that if the election were held today, 8 percent of Democrats would vote for Trump, whereas only 7 percent of Republicans would vote for Clinton.

Likewise, 44 percent of independents would vote for Trump, while only 36 percent of them would vote for Clinton.


You can watch a breakdown of these numbers here:

Trump clearly needs to up his outreach to minorities and women, but other than for that, these numbers look terrific for him — and he still has months to go before the actual election even arrives.

It should also be noted that the poll was of adults and registered voters, not likely voters, so it should be taken with a grain of salt.

Still, before November, Americans will get to watch “Clinton Cash” and ponder the Democrat candidate’s many scandals. That’s unlikely to bode well for the Democrat front-runner.

H/T The Hill

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