BREAKING: New Poll DESTROYS Liberal Narrative… Spread This EVERYWHERE

Throughout the entirety of the primary process, Sen. Ted Cruz and Gov. John Kasich have used hypothetical general election polls as a reason to stay in the race against the Republican front-runner — because Donald Trump lost nearly each one to presumed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

Now, the tables appeared to be turning.

According to a massive Quinnipiac poll covering three swing states, Trump has been making incredible gains. In Florida, Clinton was at 43 percent and Trump at 42 percent. In Pennsylvania, the numbers were identical. Last, but not least, Trump was at 43 percent while Clinton was at 39 percent in the pivotal state of Ohio.

“Six months from Election Day, the presidential races between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in the three most crucial states, Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, are too close to call,” said Peter A. Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac Poll.

“At this juncture, Trump is doing better in Pennsylvania than the GOP nominees in 2008 and 2012. And the two candidates are about where their party predecessors were at this point in Ohio and Florida,” Brown said.

He also stated that “voters in all three states say Clinton is more intelligent than Trump and by smaller margins, voters in all three states say she has higher moral standards.”

Higher moral standards, huh? I beg to differ — after all, Clinton has a scandal list as long as Santa’s naughty and nice list.

“Trump would do a better job handling the economy, voters say,” Brown explained. “He also would do a better job handling terrorism, voters in Florida and Ohio say. Pennsylvania voters are divided.”

Right now, Trump is going down the same polling path Ronald Reagan did in 1980. In the primary, a majority of the hypothetical general election polls showed that Reagan couldn’t beat Jimmy Carter — but as time went along, Reagan gradually rose in poll numbers, then handily beat Carter in the election.

Trump is obviously a very different person than Reagan, but the two’s polling could be nearly identical when all is said and done.

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