BREAKING: New Poll Has Trump Beating Hillary 2 to 1

For those who think that billionaire businessman Donald Trump is too negative to get elected, there’s another candidate in the race who has much worse numbers.

The Republican presidential candidate seemed to be edging out likely Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton in the honesty department, according to a new Rasmussen poll.

A poll of likely voters showed that 30 percent believe Trump to be “more honest” than other politicians, whereas Clinton stood at just 15 percent.

“Just half as many — 15 percent — think Clinton is more honest than most of her peers,” said Rasmussen.

Before anyone breaks out the champagne and declares the era of honesty has arrived, 45-46 percent of those polled believed both Trump and Clinton to be less honest than most politicians.

What does this all mean? It would seem that no matter how undesirable some would paint Donald Trump to be, Hillary Clinton is much worse, at least statistically.

With Clinton’s campaign spending all of its energy attempting to persuade the electorate that Donald Trump is a racist, bigoted, homophobic, all-around mean guy, this does serve to prove one thing: No one cares what they say about him.

While it’s true that some in the GOP are struggling to back Trump as he enters the upcoming Republican National Convention appearing to have support from enough delegates to become the nominee, it’s likely that Trump’s failures don’t lie in being too negative for the American people. Should this be the plan of attack for a November campaign, this poll suggests the winner would be Trump.

H/T Washington Examiner

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