Breaking News – Dr. Ben Carson Just Revealed THIS About Trump’s Potential VP Pick

All of a sudden, the world wants to know what Dr. Ben Carson means to the Trump campaign. The good doctor has seen more than his fair share of criticism during this campaign, but now people are starting to take him and his supporters more serious since his endorsement of Donald Trump.

On March 29, according to, Carson’s camp is having a meeting in Palm Beach to discuss his possibility of running as the vice president on Trump’s ticket.

Carson has been very vocal that he would like to be part of Trump’s administration if he wins the general election. He is adamant he wants to help get our country back on track for future generations.

I have actually said here on numerous occasions how important Carson would be for any candidate… and this was long before he ever endorsed Trump.

Ben may not be the best public speaker in a political forum, but he is a VERY smart man with some incredible ideas. He also hates the establishment and everything it represents.

While I firmly believe people like Jeff Sessions or Mike Huckabee would be strong choices as VP, Carson being on the ticket opens up a lot of doors.

After all, it is pretty hard for Hillary to argue Trump is a racist when the man standing on the stage next to him is Ben Carson!

Putting Carson on the ticket not only locks him up as a meaningful advisor, but also puts a major hole in the planned democratic attack against Trump. This is a move that could truly shift the national needle over to Donald Trump.

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