BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Drops 2-Word Bombshell About Donald Trump…Liberals STUNNED

During all of the hububaloo last week over presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s comments regarding the liberal-biased judge presiding over two Trump University cases, the liberal media sensed and sought to exploit what they saw as dissension in the ranks of the Trump camp.

Case in point is the manner in which the media focused in on Trump-ally Newt Gingrich‘s remark that Trump’s comments were “inexcusable,” a commet the media attempted to revisit Thursday morning following a meeting Gingrich held with other Trump allies on Capitol Hill, according to The Hill.

Asked point-blank if Trump should apologize for his comments about the judge, Gingrich laughingly replied, “Compared to Bill and Hillary Clinton, no. Give me a break.”

“The ability of the news media to step past the Clinton Foundation, past the Clinton emails, past all of the continuous lying by the Clintons and say, ‘Boy, Donald Trump has a real problem,’” Gingrich continued. “No, Donald Trump, compared to Hillary Clinton, is totally virtuous.

“Hillary Clinton’s entire career is hiding behind lawyers and lying, from the Rose law firm and Whitewater to today,” he added, turning the attack towards the biased media. “The news media’s one-sided view of Trump, I think, will blow up on them. The media is likely to be in real trouble this fall because the average American will learn how totally prejudiced it is.”

The media thought they saw an opening to drive a wedge between the presumptive GOP nominee and the former speaker of the House, but the fumbling, bumbling and blind manner in which they have fruitlessly attacked Trump on so many occasions did little more than make Gingrich laugh.

“Everybody who tells me, ‘Boy, Trump’s in real trouble.’ Those are the people who told you last year he couldn’t be nominated,” Gingrich said. “They’ve been consistently wrong, so I just laugh at them.”

This is great, as once again the carefully laid plans of the liberal media to undermine Trump have blown up in their faces — with the exact opposite result of what they had envisioned.

Now if only the media would focus even half of the attention they have zeroed in on Trump on the Clintons as well, maybe they wouldn’t be such an untrustworthy laughingstock to the American people.

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