BREAKING: Newt Gingrich Makes Shocking Trump Announcement… Did Trump Just Win?

Former speaker of the house and presidential-candidate-turned-guru of the Republican Party, Newt Gingrich, took to his own website recently to declare billionaire businessman Donald Trump no longer the party front-runner, but the presumptive nominee.

Gingrich based his claim on of the results of the New York primary election, in which Trump dominated and garnered nearly all of the delegates up for grabs. And though Gingrich noted that some will critique his claim, he backed his assertion with facts and numbers.

He first pointed out and dismissed as suicidal the rumored plan by the party establishment to “steal” away the nomination from Trump at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, despite the fact that Trump has the most delegates and more votes than his remaining opponents combined, as well as the fact that the base would be utterly outraged at the party insiders.

Gingrich then revealed the flaws in the excuse that Trump was supposed to win in New York because it is his home state by comparing the New York results with those of Texas and Florida.

Though Texas Sen. Ted Cruz did win his home state, Gingrich noted that Trump nevertheless gained about a third of the Texas delegates while Cruz got exactly zero delegates out of New York.

Along with his solid lead in the delegate count, Gingrich also looked at the popular vote that has occurred thus far, pointing out that Trump enjoys an even bigger lead over his rivals in that important category, which measures the will of the people.

He continued on with a glance at some of the remaining contests, divvying up which states will likely go to Trump and which to Cruz, again noting a likely disparity in delegates gained over the course of the next couple of weeks, increasing Trump’s lead over the field.

Gingrich concluded that by all accounts and the numbers, Trump would already be considered the presumptive nominee and the race would essentially already be over, if Trump were anyone besides Trump.

His last bit of advice was reserved for the GOP establishment and insiders that have been fighting against a Trump candidacy and nomination the entire time — “work with this new reality rather than wage war against it.”

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