BREAKING: Newt Gives Trump New Title After IN Victory, Hillary Camp Panicking

Things couldn’t have turned out much worse for Hillary Clinton in the state of Indiana last night. Not only did she suffer an upset loss to socialist Sen. Bernie Sanders after leading significantly in the polls, but her main rival for the presidency — Donald Trump — essentially sewed up the Republican nomination with a convincing victory and Sen. Ted Cruz’s withdrawal.

Clinton may say that she expects a cakewalk over Trump, but the polls seem to say otherwise. Newt Gingrich, the former Republican speaker of the House, would agree — and last night, he went on Fox News to give Trump some of the highest praise he’s received yet from an establishment figure.

“First of all, Donald Trump may turn out to be the most effective anti-left leader in our lifetime, ” Gingrich told Sean Hannity after Trump’s victory and Cruz’s withdrawal.

“He is against political correctness. He is against bureaucracy. He places American nationalism first, which I think we desperately need. I’m tired of being told we have to phony agreements and phony efforts and I watch John Kerry rush from five-star hotel to five-star hotel trying to get a phony peace agreement that is an absurdity.”

Gingrich also said that GOP elites should be happy to have Trump as their nominee and warned that a failure to endorse Trump would indicate tacit support for Hillary Clinton.

“I think Trump could be a return to a more of an Eisenhower kind of realism that nonetheless is conservatism. And he may do more to dismantle the left than anybody in our lifetime,” Gingrich said, adding that “the other side is, if you’re not for Donald Trump, you’re effectively for Hillary Clinton.”

Clinton may want to pretend that she’s good to go against Trump, but that’s not what recent polls have been saying. In addition, she’s struggling to get support from members of her own party, much less the independents who have gravitated towards Trump’s campaign.

Could Trump be “the most effective anti-left leader of our time?” Maybe. He certainly has that ability. We’ll see what happens between now and November.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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