Breaking: Obama-Appointed Federal Judge Just Delivered This Major Blow To Trump

Judge Gonzalo Curiel, the judge that will hear the civil fraud case against Trump University, stated Tuesday morning that he intends to unseal sensitive case documents to the Washington Post prior to election day in November.

True to his word, Tuesday afternoon, The Hill reported the judge has unsealed 381 pages of documents pertaining to a lawsuit filed against the Trump University’s real estate program.

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump took an opportunity during a Friday rally in California to speak out against Curiel. The judge was appointed by the Obama administration to serve in the U.S district court in the Southern District of California.

Trump referred to Curiel as “a hater of Donald Trump,” adding he “happens to be Mexican, which is fine.”

The unsealed documents are reportedly a “playbook” used to convince students interested in real estate to join the program. Prospective students were told they would learn how to use “other people’s money.”

The program offered a variety of packages ranging in price, with the “Gold Elite” package sold for $34,995.

Students were assured that there would be real estate experts, with whom they would work, to help them become profitable in a short amount of time.

Those selling the packages relied on the Trump name as well as his reputation as a successful and knowledgeable real estate investor to close the deal.

The salesperson would ask the perspective student, “Is everything Donald Trump does the BEST?” He or she would go on to say, “He wouldn’t put his name on this if it wasn’t, right?”

Some of the students that went through the program told the media they, “left the program with little valuable advice and mountains of debt.”

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