Breaking: Obama CLOSES Guantanamo Bay – He’s Putting Them In THESE STATES

President Barack Obama just announced to the world that America no longer takes Islamic terrorism seriously, as he’s closing down Guantanamo Bay. The announcement comes as a last ditch effort to keep the promise Obama made to anti-war liberals almost 7 years ago.

But this time, instead of directly releasing them to the battle field again, he’s moving them into THREE AMERICAN STATES! What is wrong with Obama?

The Pentagon has recently tried to convince lawmakers to close the detention center with a draft plan to move nearly 60 detainees to a facility on the U.S. mainland that would cost as much as $475 million to build but could save roughly $180 million in annual operating costs.

The facility, on a U.S. Naval base in Cuba, was opened in January 2002, in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, to get suspected terrorists off the battlefield.

Closure plans faces tough opposition in Congress, which has passed legislation banning any effort to move detainees to the U.S.

Texas GOP Rep. Mac Thornberry, chairman of House Armed Services Committee, is declining to comment on the plan until he finishes his review of it Tuesday morning. But has previously told Obama that Congress has made clear what must be included in such a plan.

However, a committee aide told Fox News on Tuesday that the administration plan is “not compliant.”

New Hampshire GOP Sen. Kelly Ayotte said: “While the administration asserts that transferring detainees and closing Guantanamo is in America’s national security interests, they refuse to level with the American people regarding the terrorist activities and affiliations of the detainees who remain at Guantanamo.”

The U.S. officials say the plan to be announced Tuesday considers 13 U.S. locations — seven prison facilities in Colorado, South Carolina and Kansas already proposed and six other locations on military bases.

Via Fox News

The facilities will cost a half billion dollars, while making entire American cities the target for possible terrorist attacks. America’s prisons are overcrowded enough, and states shouldn’t have to deal with the increased levels of security these transfers will require.

This is a dangerous, reckless, and misguided plan.

Here’s Obama making the ridiculous claim that keeping terrorists out of America “undermines” our national security!

Twitter reacted immediately:

In the War on Terrorism, just which side is Obama on? This move raises serious concerns… What do you think?

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