BREAKING: Obama Just Got 6 Americans Killed…We KNEW It Would Happen!

Barack Obama made it a goal in life to close Guantanamo Bay from the time he won the presidency and that is exactly what he is doing. He’s releasing the detainees one by one, but as Republicans warned him, 12 of the terrorists that were released are already back to their old ways.

The Obama administration is very tight-lipped about it, citing “it’s classified”, but they have confirmed what we already knew to be the case.

Here is what was just reported…

From Washington Post:

The Obama administration believes that at least 12 detainees released from the prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, have launched attacks against U.S. or allied forces in Afghanistan, killing about a half-dozen Americans, according to current and former U.S. officials.

In March, a senior Pentagon official made a startling admission to lawmakers when he acknowledged that former Guantanamo inmates were responsible for the deaths of Americans overseas.

The official, Paul Lewis, who oversees Guantanamo issues at the Defense Department, provided no details, and the Obama administration has since declined to elaborate publicly on his statement because the intelligence behind it is classified.

But The Washington Post has learned additional details about the suspected attacks, including the approximate number of detainees and victims involved and the fact that, while most of the incidents were directed at military personnel, the dead also included one American civilian: a female aid worker who died in Afghanistan in 2008. The officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss a sensitive matter, declined to give an exact number for Americans killed or wounded in the attacks, saying the figure is classified.

Lewis’s statement had drawn scrutiny on Capitol Hill, where some lawmakers see the violence against Americans as further evidence that the president’s plans for closing the prison are misguided and dangerous. They also describe the administration’s unwillingness to release information about the attacks as another instance of its use of high levels of classification to avoid discussion of a politically charged issue that could heighten political opposition to its plans.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that once someone is a terrorist, they are most likely always going to be a terrorist. Obama chose to let these criminals go, which literally said to the American people, ‘we don’t care if people die…we are doing it anyway’.

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