BREAKING – Obama Moves to Ban Free Speech, IMPEACH HIM NOW!!

A political action committee (PAC) is trying to determine if it can safely use the internet to support and fund political candidates and if the Federal Election Commission (FEC) is trying to create regulation Democrats have been trying to achieve for years—regulation that our current president would love to use against his country’s own people.

Obama and the Democratic party are lobbying for all of the internet to be monitored by the U.N. and who knows how many other government organizations, according to the Washington Examiner. They want to take away our freedom of speech and control what we are saying and doing every time we use the computer.

The request by Citizen Super PAC asked the FEC if it would be allowed to email political supporters regarding a campaign or if this would cross a line prohibiting coordination throughout the country.

The FEC has battled over the years about campaign finance implementations and if they should extend to the World Wide Web.

Democrats, of course, had been huge advocate of expanding the FEC’s power—making all of our content on the internet subject to the UN’s scrutiny and using arguments about social media that wield too much influence.

Donald Trump wants to control our borders, and Liberals are against that. They also want all the refugees in this country and our guns taken away, and yet they have no idea they’re “heroes,” Obama and Hillary, want to control one of the greatest forms of expression and communication this would has today.

Liberals against Trump make it seem like they want to give all of their rights away and have everything controlled—weapons, the media, the internet—and they have done everything to prove that fact.

Obama already tries to control people into believing we should let refugees across our borders, not to mention illegal immigrants.

And Hillary’s email scandal is proof enough that she feels the internet should be in some way controlled.

However, Democrats may finally wake up and smell the roses when they learn that Hillary’s campaign itself uses Correct the Record, a super PAC founded to support her, and has argued that it should be exempt from anti-coordination laws and be openly transmitted across the internet.

Whether or not their goals for funding have been accomplished is unknown, but Clinton supporters should be paying attention to what their nominee is doing.

If Hillary is elected president, our democracy will be morphed into a Communist society where everything is controlled, and is that really what we want in America?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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