BREAKING: Oklahoma Makes Move To IMPEACH Obama For Stunning Reason

President Barack Obama’s administration recently issued an “executive decree” in the form of a letter to all public and private schools in the nation that essentially threatened them with the loss of federal funding and even lawsuits if they refused to comply with the progressive agenda of allowing transgender individuals to use whichever bathroom they choose.

That decree obviously ruffled quite a few feathers, and several states have basically stated that they will simply ignore the “guidance” from Obama and go about their own business as they see fit, federal funding be damned.

But the staunchly conservative state of Oklahoma has gone a step further, as their GOP-controlled legislature just filed a measure calling for the impeachment of Obama over his transgender bathroom demands, saying he has overstepped his constitutional authority, according to Reuters.

The non-binding impeachment resolution obviously has no force of law against the president, but is designed to place pressure upon Oklahoma’s representatives in Congress, strongly encouraging them to file for an impeachment of Obama in the House of Representatives.

Republican state representative John Bennett declared in a statement that Obama’s transgender bathroom directive was not only “biblically wrong,” but also a clear violation of state sovereignty.

The impeachment measure also called for the removal from office of Attorney General Loretta Lynch and Education Secretary John King Jr., both of whom head the departments that signed off on the transgender bathroom decree.

It remains to be seen if this state-level resolution will carry any weight in Congress, though considering all of the other incredibly unconstitutional and scandalous things Obama has already done thus far without being impeached, it is difficult to hold one’s breath thinking this will be the final straw that brings him down.

What it may do though is help in rallying the GOP base to turn out to vote against presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, who would assuredly continue Obama’s pandering policies to progressive special interest groups.

H/T The Hill

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