BREAKING: Paul Ryan Makes Announcement About His Trump Endorsement

After weeks of hedging on the issue, House Speaker Paul Ryan recently issued a rather tepid endorsement of presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump.

That same day, Trump called into question the bias and fairness of the federal judge overseeing two Trump University civil lawsuits, which was labeled a racist attack by the media, which immediately turned around and demanded answers from Ryan regarding Trump’s comments.

Though Ryan did agree with the liberal media’s assessment of Trump’s comments being “racist,” even going so far as to call them a “textbook example” of such a thing, he is nevertheless sticking by the candidate and refusing to withdraw his endorsement, according to Politico.

Ryan explained Thursday to Wisconsin radio host Jay Weber why he was sticking with Trump, saying simply, “He won fair and square.”

“The person who wins 1,237 delegates by the Republican electorate wins the primary. It’s just that simple,” he added.

Ryan went on to state that despite disagreeable statements and “distracting antics” from Trump, he still remained the best choice out of the current crop of candidates to help implement the Republican agenda being pushed by Ryan’s GOP-dominated House.

“Do I think that these kind of antics are distracting and give us a campaign that we cannot be part of? Yeah,” Ryan said, before quickly adding, “But, I think and hope and believe that he can fix this to the point where he can hopefully run a campaign that we can all be proud of.”

It is obvious that Ryan is no huge fan of Trump, and the billionaire businessman was not his first, second or even third choice to be the nominee.

That said, he has reached the conclusion that despite their differences on some issues, they share more in common than they don’t, and are pursuing similar goals in many areas. It is unlikely that the same could be said about Ryan and presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton.

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