BREAKING: Punk Arrested For Trump Assassination Attempt… Makes SHOCK Admission

Throughout Donald Trump’s presidential campaign, many have worried that someone may attempt to assassinate the presumed Republican nominee because of his strong stances on issues like illegal immigration.

It appears those fears have come true, as Michael Steven Sandford, 20, was arrested at a Trump rally in Las Vegas after he grabbed a police officer’s gun in an attempt to murder the billionaire businessman.

Sandford openly admitted to wanting to kill Trump, stating that he drove all the way from California to assassinate him. He also stated that he had spent the day before his ill-fated attempt at a gun range learning how to shoot.

Interestingly enough, Sandford isn’t even an American, according to Associated Press. He is from Britain and has been in the United States for about a year and a half.

The liberal media has not been reporting much about this assassination attempt because they don’t want to admit that the protests against Trump are often quite violent — they prefer to paint the right as the dangerous ones.

Sandford was convinced that he would die during his attempt to assassinate Trump, which was a fair assumption given the number of secret service agents and other armed security surrounding the candidate.

This attempt on Trump’s life should outrage everyone; it doesn’t matter whether you agree with the man’s politics or not.

The fact is, the left has fueled such an atmosphere of hatred that people are willing to die attempting to kill him because they hate him so. You can disagree with Trump all you want — that is your right — but for the sake of this country, be civilized about it.

H/T Young Conservatives

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