BREAKING: Radio Host Does Full Reversal On Trump… “For The Good Of The Country”

Radio show host Hugh Hewitt, a #NeverTrump Republican who derided the presumptive GOP nominee in a debate and lambasted Trump on his radio show, has apparently seen the light.

In a revealing op-ed piece for The Washington Post, Hewitt backtracked on his call for the Republican establishment to change the national convention rules in order to block Trump, calling for unity between Trump and the establishment “for the good of the country.”

“Although there’s been talk in recent weeks of implementing new rules at the Republican convention in Cleveland that would allow party leaders to replace Trump — talk that I’ve entertained — the appetite for that sort of drastic measure is gone,” Hewitt said.

After the billionaire businessman’s comments about Orlando and his speech at the Faith & Freedom Coalition, Hewitt wrote that Trump “has returned to a winning message and walled off the assorted ‘never Trump’ holdouts trying to upend his nomination.”

Hewitt gave his thoughts as to what he’d like to see from Trump throughout the rest of his campaign.

“Trump’s task now is clear: It’s time to abandon his off-the-cuff remarks, disengage from his battles with the media and methodically prosecute the case that throughout her career, (Hillary) Clinton has consistently displayed a disqualifying lack of judgment,” he said. “He needs to develop this argument, detail it and drive it home.”

While some Trump supporters certainly would not agree with all of Hewitt’s positions, he’s hit the nail on the head here. Trump can easily beat Clinton if he goes after her corruption with every breath he takes, and the rest of the Republican Party needs to help him do it or face what would essentially become a third term for President Barack Obama.

Trump should ignore those Republicans who refuse to board the Trump train and his detractors on both the left and the right — he has to tackle the Clinton Family Foundation, shine a light on the former secretary of state’s acceptance of foreign donations and expose her incessant pandering.

“For the good of the country,” Hewitt concluded, “Republicans have to be clear about the binary choice in front of us, close ranks around Trump and encourage him to eschew the frivolous and move ahead with a serious message.”

H/T Politico

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