BREAKING – Rand Paul Stands Up For TRUMP, Says What All Of Us Were Thinking

The 2016 GOP nominating was definitely a slugfest. While Rand Paul would have made a decent nominee, he came out in support of a major policy of the man who’s been called upon to lead our nation.

“Let’s not give in to Washington and its stagnated ways. Let’s follow the lead of Presidents Reagan and Bush and help President Trump begin his administration with tax cuts for everyone and less money in Washington,” Paul wrote in an op-ed for Breitbart.

“We have tried it before,” Paul wrote. “In fact, the most successful Republican presidents (and a few Democrats) led off their agendas with tax cuts to send money back and to try to get government to live with a little less.” 

Indeed, there have been two men who have shown how well tax cuts can play a role in stimulating our economy. These men were Ronald Reagan and John F. Kennedy.

When we elected the youthful Kennedy to become our 35th president, he had little economic experience, and the nation was still in the doldrums of a recession in 1958 that rivaled the one of 2008. He set out to determine how to get the country back on track.

As Lawrence Kudlow and Brian Domitrovic wrote in Time, in Kennedy’s first year in office, he at first tried the typical Democrat approach and instilled a number of spending approaches. However, growth was only at a stagnant 2.7 percent. He then had a change of heart and decided to push through a generous tax cut of 30 percent. 

Although Kennedy never saw it to fruition before he was assassinated, LBJ decided to push it through as a memorial to the fallen leader. The tax cut became law in 1964, and it started an uninterrupted run of eight years of consistent economic growth of at least five percent annually.

One of Kennedy’s other successors was a man named Ronald Reagan, who was intrigued by the Kennedy model of tax cuts. He devised his own plan, and it passed the Senate by a 97-3 vote in 1986. The nation enjoyed a long-term growth rate of roughly four percent per year.

In 2016, the economy is not completely bleak, but it could be much better. The nation has had stagnant growth for much of the last two presidents’ terms, but as Rand Paul noted, even when George W. Bush attempted a modest tax cut, it gave the nation a boost for a period of time.

In standing with Donald Trump’s ambitious tax cut plans, Rand Paul is staying true to himself and to this model. Trump has proven so far that he is a person of his word, and his proposed tax cuts would give this country the prosperity it so richly deserves.

If Trump doesn’t follow through and it is just a “read my lips” moment, he will probably be a one-term president. He has Paul’s support, so hopefully we can get America back on the right path to making it, once more, “Great Again.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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