BREAKING : Reince Priebus to Romney Loyalists, “Trump Will Win – With OR Without you”

“Donald Trump can be an effective president, and he’s going to win with you or without you,” Republican Chairman Reince Priebus told hundreds of the party’s top donors and strategists Saturday in Park City, Utah.

Meanwhile, bitter choke-artist, and irrelevant NeverTrumper, Mitt Romney attacked his party’s frontrunner again, this time using liberal “politically correct” tactics by claiming Trump is setting a dangerous example for Americans by promoting “trickle-down racism.

Cough, bullsh*t, Cough.

Two-time loser Mitt Romney went on to say that the party must look beyond this presidential election to find its future.

The guy stuck in the neocon/globalist past wants to talk about the future?

Both speeches were delivered within moments of each other, at Romney’s annual business and politics summit.

The starkly opposite messages were a striking example of the globalist versus nationalist movement that our country faces today.

Do we want to keep on the same destructive course, placing foreign needs above Americas, or do we want to change things up and head in Trump’s America First direction, where the country and the people always come first?

The answer seems clear. 

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