BREAKING – Rush Exposes THIS About Firebomb Attack on Trump HQ, Media Won’t Report It!

One of the more horrific events that has happened this election cycle was the firebombing of the GOP Headquarters in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Accompanied by hate-speech graffiti, this act is the stuff of Nazi Germany circa 1939. It is un-American and, in fact, it is fascist in nature.

But to listen to the mainstream media you wouldn’t have known it even happened. The story of the firebombing has been relegated to teaser-length blurbs before top and bottom of the hour commercial breaks. No details are given and no speculation of blame is made. As Rush Limbaugh said, “Can you imagine if the Hillary campaign headquarters was blown up?”

This is the rigging of the election that Donald Trump is talking about on the campaign trail. While it may not be happening at the ballot box, it is happening in an arena just as potent and just as exacting just as much damage. The people are being misdirected from truth.

The firebombing of the Hillsborough Headquarters was a direct attack on our American political system. It was an attempt to intimidate Republicans and Conservatives and an attempt to steal free political speech from the people.

“Can you imagine if the Hillary campaign headquarters was blown up, do you think that would be in the news every day and do you think they’d be trying to find some Trump voter that doesn’t have any teeth to blame it on?” Limbaugh asked his radio show audience.

Indeed, the usual suspects in the mainstream media tried to victimize the firebomber by blaming the arson on the “provocations” of Donald Trump’s political platform of law and order, immigration reform and border security. To the media, the cause was Trump, not the person who put the gasoline into the bottles, lit them on fire, threw them through the windows and wrote on the buildings wall, “Nazi Republicans leave town or else.”

Unfortunately, we all know the answer to Limbaugh’s question. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind – even Clinton’s I am willing to bet – that if it had been a campaign office for Hillary Clinton, it would be the front-page story.

“If a Democrat headquarters were blown up, do you think that you would hear anybody say, ‘Well, you know, Hillary’s responsible. She’s out there saying all these irresponsible things, the Hillary campaign’?” Limbaugh asked. “No. And then they’d be tracking down every potential Republican suspect starting with Trump and then Trump’s family and then Trump’s campaign staff and then some of Trump’s ‘redneck’ supporters…”

Limbaugh continued on to say, rightly, that If it had been a Democrat campaign headquarters the media would be on a TEA Party witch hunt. They would need to find a Rightwing conspiracy boogeyman to pin it on. Then they would trumpet “hate crime” every day all the way through Election Day.

This is what Donald Trump is talking about when he talks about the election being rigged. The mainstream media is so one-sided and so inequitable in their coverage that it is impossible for the people to actually judge for themselves who it is they want to support.

The media has, for all intents and purposes, decided for the public who it is they should elect as president and they have chosen Hillary Clinton. We have a chance to teach these arrogant reprobates a lesson come November 8th. Let’s elect Donald Trump and put the mainstream media in a “time out” like the arrogant little children they act like.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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