BREAKING: Sanders Voters Drop Game-Changing Truth About Trump in Gen. Election

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s supporters have been laughing over presumed Republican presidnential nominee Donald Trump’s claims that he can win the general election in November by picking up Sen. Bernie Sanders’ voters.

However, a new batch of polling data has stopped the mirth among the Clintonistas.

According to Fox News, exit polls from West Virginia, where Sen. Sanders won a decisive victory over Clinton in this Tuesday’s primary, showed that half of Sanders supporters would switch sides and vote for Trump in November if Sanders is not the Democrat nominee.

Among all West Virginia Democrats, Clinton held only a 44 to 33 percent lead over Trump, with 21 percent saying they would prefer neither when the general election comes around.

Martha MacCullum, in a guest appearance on Fox News’ “The Five,” blamed the results of the exit poll on “the dissatisfaction of the white male voter.”

While it is worth pointing out that Sen. Sanders benefited in West Virginia from Clinton’s remarks that her policies on renewable energy would be “putting a lot of coal miners and coal companies out of business,” there’s a deeper issue at play here.

It’s time for partisans of Hillary Clinton to face an uncomfortable truth: For hardcore liberals, Clinton’s candidacy is about as exciting as Burning Man without hallucinogenics. Sure, she’s a liberal, but even they know she’s dishonest and poorly equipped to handle America’s crises.

Yet, to Hillary’s cabal of supporters, her problems are always external. It’s angry white voters, or perhaps sexism and male privilege.

What they don’t seem to get is that people don’t like her for a reason. She’s dishonest and doesn’t have solutions. Trump, on the other hand, is honest — sometimes brutally so — and has been proposing solutions from day one.

That’s why Trump doesn’t really need GOP unity to win. There are plenty of dissatisfied Sanders supporters and independents who are going to come flocking to him come November. And you can bet that nobody around Hillary Clinton will be laughing then.

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