BREAKING: Sean Hannity Announces His Future Plan for Trump… GOP Furious

Conservative commentator Sean Hannity, who for the longest time refused to publicly endorse any particular GOP presidential candidate, finally and rather explicitly put his cards on the table last night while speaking with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“Well, I’m an opinion show, and I don’t hold back that I’ll be voting for Donald Trump in November,” he said on Fox News during a discussion centering around the clear-cut bias of so-called “reporters” and “journalists” who work for the mainstream media.

Granted, Hannity had already admitted his plan to endorse Trump earlier this month on Twitter, but this was the first time that he expressed it so explicitly on live television.

It’s good to know that he stands by the Republican Party and its base.

From there the discussion pivoted to plans by The Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol to introduce some bombshell independent candidate into the race.

“It’s a guaranteed loss (if he does that),” Trump said, according to Newsmax. “You can’t even get on (the ballot) in Texas now because they missed their deadline. Now they’re missing other deadlines, and all he’s doing is I guess trying to get publicity for his failing magazine, I imagine.”

To see the full interview, check out the video below:

In fact, the secret candidate was reportedly David French, a veritable nobody who works for National Review. While the guy pens some brilliant columns, he is in reality barely known by anybody outside the beltway.

Still, French could draw a significant number of frustrated Republican voters into his fold and thus derail Trump’s presidency enough to ensure Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton clinches the election.

It would be really nice if Kristol and other “Never Trump” flunkies would shrug off their bitterness and follow the lead of Sean Hannity to ensure that America doesn’t see another four years of liberal policies tearing the country apart.

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