BREAKING: Secret Document Comes Out, Reveals Exactly Why Romney Attacked Trump

Reports uncover that failed 2012 presidential candidate Mitt Romney filled a “Statement of Organization” form with the Federal Election Commission late last month, which clearly explained his blistering attack on GOP front-runner Donald Trump last week.

Technically, Red Curve Solutions, a campaign consulting firm founded by Romney’s longtime close ally Bradley Crate in 2008, filed the document, but the fact that Crate also serves as the deputy CFO to the official “Romney for President” campaign made it obvious that he filed it on Romney’s behalf.

Moreover, only a few days before Crate filled this form, Romney has met up with his former vise presidential pick, current House Speaker Paul Romney.

Romney showed his character when he decided to enter the race just so he could smear Trump and advance his own agenda – maybe this is why he was defeated by Obama four years ago. It became clear that Romney’s motives are way darker than they seem, not exactly “saving” the Republican Party from Donald Trump. The former Massachusetts governor apparently aspired to enter the current presidential race and attempt to dethrone Trump, explaining why he went out of his way last week to call Trump a “phony” and a “fraud,” among other things.

Romney is quite when he has to deal with Democrats. On, the other hand, he has a strong voice when it comes to the Republican Party.

So, who’s the fraud now?
During his speech last week, Romney acted as if Trump’s potential ascendancy to the White House would hurt America, but what he really meant to say was, “I should be president instead, so please vote for me as soon as I finally admit what I am really up to.”

Nice try, but you won’t succeed in your plan this time either!

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