BREAKING: Sessions Makes Huge Announcement After Britain’s Vote: “It’s America’s Turn”

Republican Sen. Jeff Sessions just issued a bold statement regarding the recent vote whereby Great Britain decided to leave the European Union.

Sessions applauded the country for the decision and then stated that the United States should follow the example of the British.

The senator compared that pivotal European vote to the American presidential elections being held in November.

“Just as in the U.K., our November presidential election presents a stark contrast,” he said.

“The establishment forces, the global powers, are promoting their values and their interests,” he explained. “They want to erode borders, rapidly open America’s markets to foreign produced goods, while having little interest in advancing America’s ability to sell abroad.”

“These forces have zero interest in better job opportunities and higher wages for our citizens,” Sessions continued.

Sessions has stood behind GOP presumptive nominee Donald Trump through most of the presidential race, and some have speculated that Sessions was Trump’s vice presidential front-runner.

The Alabama senator believed that Trump can help American find its way back to prosperity.

In his statement, Sessions even said that the U.S. needed to get away from politically minded government members and seek outside reform.

“Too many politicians and pundits here in America have been woefully oblivious to, or in some cases complicit in, what is going on around us,” he said. “The failed European Union experiment, and Great Britain’s rejection of it must serve as a wake-up call for all of us in America.”

“I know that moving forward, the deep and historic ties between Great Britain and America will grow ever stronger. I believe the American people too will choose independence this November,” the statement ended.

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