BREAKING: Sheriff Clarke Calls In National Guard On Race-Rioting Milwaukee Protesters

The Milwaukee rioters should have known this.

Their sheriff … David Clarke … will not give any quarter to violent, racist insurrections.

After an armed black man was shot evading police, Milwaukee exploded in race riots, as hundreds of people poured into the streets, setting fire to buildings and cars and targeting white people for brutal beat-downs. One video captured the hunt for “white people.”

Well, Sheriff Clarke is going to have none of it. He has officially requested mobilization of the National Guard on the streets of Milwaukee. He made the official request after consultations with Gov. Scott Walker and National Guard Major Gen. Donald Dunbar, Fox6Now is reporting.

Sheriff Clarke will not let these riots happen for a second night.

“We cannot allow for a repeat of what happened (Saturday) night,” he said. “I am going to utilize all available resources to accomplish that.”

Protesters burned several stores, including a BP gas station, a beauty supply store, a bank, auto parts tore and a liquor store and threw rocks at police on the city’s north side, leaving one officer injured and three protesters arrested. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett said protesters had been using social media to draw more demonstrators. Here are some images of the riot and the aftermath from Fox6Now:

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