Breaking: SHE’S FINISHED! FBI Accuses Hillary Clinton of…

Exactly why the FBI could not unearth an ounce of criminal intent when investigating Hillary Clinton gets more baffling by the day. The federal agency did not require suspects to actually have criminal intent in several other, lesser cases, which still results in sanctions and termination of classified clearance.

According to the summary notes from the interview with Hillary Clinton (after being forced to release them to the public), the FBI accused the career politician of having up to 14 mobile devices while serving as secretary of state—many of which are still unaccounted for.

Here’s an excerpt from the FBI Hillary Clinton interview notes, which revealed more than one dozen mobile devices could be floating around somewhere with classified information contained inside:

“[Huma] Abedin and [former Clinton aide Monica] Hanley indicated the whereabouts of Clinton’s [mobile] devices would frequently become unknown once she transitioned to a new device,” one report indicates.

Breaking from standard past practice, the FBI did not make either a video or an audio recording of the interview its investigators did with Hillary Clinton.

Because there was neither a recording nor a transcript to release, the FBI could only share a summary of notes the interrogators took during the Saturday morning, Fourth of July weekend interview.

According to a Breitbart report, the FBI notes also reveal Hillary’s staffers would routinely dispose of her old mobile devices by “breaking them in half or hitting them with a hammer.”

According to very specific federal government protocols, when an old device contains classified documents, a set of stringent and detailed procedures must be followed to remain in compliance with the law during disposal.

Having no exact knowledge of what happened to so many devices absolutely does not fall in line with the designated protocol.

Hillary carelessly put national security at risk when she sent and received classified material on her private email and home server and once again when she packed the devices around and made them more vulnerable to hackers—and then an additional time when the devices were not properly and thoroughly destroyed.

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