Breaking: Shocking survey, Trump would have easily won Colorado if people could vote

Donald Trump would’ve won Colorado 44-34 if they could vote! According to Magellan Strategies research, if the primary was held today, Trump would have easily won:

Republican Primary Voters Prefer Donald Trump Over Ted Cruz

If a Republican Presidential Primary Election were to take place in Colorado, 44% of likely voters would vote for Donald Trump, 34% support Ted Cruz, 17% support John Kasich and 5% are undecided. When asked to choose between only Ted Cruz or Donald Trump, 48% support Trump and 42% support Cruz, and 10% are undecided. These results are interesting in light of the results at the Republican State Convention where Ted Cruz won all 34 delegates awarded. What the results show is a potential disconnect between the more dedicated group of delegates who participated in the state convention and the far broader group of 350,000 to 400,000 Republicans who would typically vote in a primary election.

What Are the Factors Driving Support for Donald Trump?

Simply put, support for Donald Trump is being driven by his dominance among the 22% of voters that believe stopping illegal immigration is the the top issue. Among those voters, 59% support Donald Trump and only 26% support Ted Cruz. Additionally, of the 20% of respondents that chose “National Security Issues” as the top issue, 40% support Donald Trump and 27% support Ted Cruz. To summarize, on each of the top two issues, Donald Trump holds a double-digit lead over Ted Cruz, including a substantial 23-point lead on the issue of stopping illegal immigration.

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