BREAKING: Supreme Court Makes Huge Move to Protect Americans From Obama’s Last Months

The Supreme Court has had a very mixed record when it comes to standing up to President Barack Obama’s overreaching agenda. In some cases, for example on the topics of same-sex marriage and Obamacare, the Supreme Court has sided with Obama, but at other times it has stood up to him and sided with the American people.

The Hill reported that the Supreme Court made a ruling regarding the latest case challenging Obama’s authority to regulate America’s waterways. The justices unanimously ruled against Obama.

The Supreme Court ruled that an American landowner can file an appeal through the federal court system if the Army Corps of Engineers rules that a body of water on that person’s land is subject to federal jurisdiction.

This is a huge victory for private land owners because it provides a very powerful check against Obama’s attempt to regulate all of America’s waters, including — literally — drainage ditches and seasonal ponds.

Were people not able to file appeals, the government could simply declare all bodies of water federal territory and take over almost all private land in America — something no one wants to see happen. (Well, except Obama, apparently.)

New regulations expanding the waterways covered under federal jurisdictions have been put on hold while it is being fought out through the courts, and this case was seen as a sort of test run for that.

This case was ultimately about private property rights versus federal overreach. The court did the right thing by siding with hard working Americans and not the bloated federal government.

While this ruling won’t undo all of the damage wrought by Obama’s actions over the past seven-plus years, it does show that even the most liberal justices on the Supreme Court aren’t going to let Obama continue to expand his power in the last few months of his presidency.

Hopefully the next president will be a Republican who will put another conservative justice on the court so we can begin to undo all of Obama’s illegal executive orders.

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