BREAKING: Supreme Court Makes Move That Could Affect 2nd Amendment In EVERY State

Gun rights advocates across the country, but particularly those living in anti-gun states, were just dealt a significant blow by the Supreme Court.

The court announced Monday it would not take up a challenge to Connecticut’s “assault weapons” ban, instead leaving in place lower court decisions that upheld outlawing of the weapons, according to CNN.

second-amendment-rifleman-1aThe ban was hastily put in place following the horrific mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, and prohibits the purchase and possession of a variety of semi-automatic firearms based simply on certain cosmetic features.

That law also banned the possession of so-called “high-capacity” magazines holding more than 10 rounds, which in reality are standard capacity magazines produced by the manufacturers.

The ban also called for owners of the now-outlawed weapons to register them with the government, an aspect of the law that has been an overwhelming failure as tens of thousands of rifle owners have refused to comply.

Unfortunately, by the court not taking up the challenge to this seemingly unconstitutional infringement of the Second Amendment, which appears to directly contradict Supreme Court precedent set by the landmark case D.C.v. Heller, more anti-gun states will be encouraged to go after normal rifles that are in common use by millions of Americans across the nation.

Worse still, this non-decision decision by the court will also encourage those progressive anti-gunners in Congress to press forward with their demands for a resurrection of the flawed and failed federal assault weapons ban that was allowed to expire in 2004.

The court’s decision to not hear this case speaks nearly as loudly as if it had actually heard it and issued a ruling, and provides ammo, no pun intended, for the gun grabbers to continue doing their worst to law-abiding gun owners and their preferred tool, the AR-15 and other rifles like it.

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