BREAKING: Team #NeverTrump Just Took a MASSIVE Blow… Nice Try

First, team #NeverTrump thought his candidacy was a fad. Then, they thought it would go to a contested convention. Now, they plan on running a third-party candidate.

Much like their other plans, it seems that one is going to pot, too. According to The Hill, the top two candidates of the #NeverTrump crowd have declined to run and new polling data suggests such a run would be ineffective, anyhow.

In spite of the mainstream media narrative that Trump’s nomination would tear the Republican Party asunder, a Public Policy Polling survey found that 72 percent of GOP voters have indicated that they’re comfortable with Trump as their nominee. That’s comparable to the numbers Hillary Clinton draws from the Democrat side.

And who would they run? Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, previously thought to be the beneficiary of a Trump nomination, has faded from public consciousness almost as soon as he entered it. Two major Trump rivals within the Republican Party — 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney and Nebraska Sen. Ben Sasse — have both announced that they won’t run.

Even one major Romney fundraiser urged #NeverTrump people to give up the ghost.

“I think it’s offensive to the people who have voted,” former Romney fundraiser Lisa Spies told The Hill. “They have chosen Donald Trump.

“That doesn’t mean we have to like him,” Spies continued. “That doesn’t mean everybody in the party has to fall in behind him. But the voters have chosen a candidate and that means we have to respect that, period.”

And one of the major voices to draft a third-party candidate — Erick Erickson of Red State — says if none is found by the end of May, #NeverTrump is finished.

“The reason it has to be by the end of May is because once June starts the Democrat air war begins and a lot of conversation is going to begin to be drowned out,” Erickson said.

Look, #NeverTrump people. We understand losing is hard. Just ask Cam Newton. However, playing the taking-your-ball-and-going-home game is just going to end up with Hillary Clinton in the Oval Office.

You think Donald Trump is bad? Wait until Richard Nixon-in-a-pantsuit is handing state secrets to our enemies because she wants to run a private email server to keep her communications from authorities.

It’s time to bite the bullet and get on the Trump Train, even if you don’t like the conductor. The only other viable option is infinitely worse.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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