BREAKING – Ted Cruz Just Got THIS Awful News About His Delegates, Media Silent

Ted Cruz’s desire to coerce delegates to his side and effectively silence the will of American voters has turned many a supporter into a new Trump Train passenger.

Cruz has now been mathematically eliminated from the Republican primary race based on delegates needed to win.

After Super Tuesday, Ted Cruz had earned only 560 delegates. He needs 677 delegates to reach the 1,237 magic number and the GOP nomination, InfoWars reports. There are only 622 delegates still up for grabs.

It is time to walk away from the presidential race, Ted – please save yourself from any more embarrassment and potential hatred.

Running a good race because you truly believe you can lead this country, love this country, and protect this country – and losing, is nothing to be ashamed of.

BUT, when you try to manipulate your way to the nomination by gleefully stepping on the throats of voters to silence their will and take advantage of illogical delegate courting rules set up to keep the political elite in power, THAT is disgusting behavior.

The Cruz campaign tactics SHOULD have been beneath a man who had fought valiantly to protect the Constitution from 44s Liberal whims.

Thank you voters for their support, TELL them to support Donald Trump against Hillary, and wave buh-bye to the primary before you damage your reputation any further!

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