Breaking: Ted Cruz makes outrageous statement on voterless election win in Wyoming

MaryAnn Dellinger said: A real crooked, backroom dealing Politician… big money, free vacations… whatever Cruz can bribe them with to vote Cruz. These Elitist NRC and. GOP are not for anything , especially Cruz… all they want is to take the nomination from the voters choice. Trump 2016!

Jose Angel Rivera said: This man is so dangerous, at the same level as Obama. He will and any other Republican, ruining the US. Trump or die, and not of disappointment, the whole country! The GOP is no longer a conservative party but a left wing party. One do not have to be genius to figure that out. Wake up people!!!

Ted Cruz on Wyoming win: “This is how elections are won in America.”


Once again, voters are not represented in the process. Instead, “votes” for the nominee are gained by backroom politics. Another corrupt process by the GOP establishment.

From Fox News:

Ted Cruz on Saturday won all 14 delegates in the Wyoming GOP convention — a relatively small number but enough for the Texas senator to declare victory and keep GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump from securing the nomination.

“We are likely to have a battle in Cleveland to decide who is the nominee,” Cruz told party members before they picked the delegates. “If you don’t want to see Donald Trump as the nominee, … then I ask you to please vote for the men and women on this slate.”

The Wyoming process mirrored that of Colorado, which was engulfed by political controversy after hosting a similar convention last week.

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