BREAKING: The Numbers Are In… Here’s The Insane Record Trump Shattered With EASE

Back when the primary season began, it was widely assumed by May that Hillary Clinton would be grazing on the easy shores of running without opposition. Meanwhile Donald Trump would still be involved in electoral fisticuffs with his Republican rivals — if he was even still in the race at all.

How wrong those pundits were. Not only is Clinton still involved in a fight for her political life — with the nomination probably only secured thanks to the Democrat Party’s insanely rigged superdelegate process — but Donald Trump is already the presumptive Republican Party nominee.

And that’s not all. With his victory in Oregon Tuesday night, Trump managed to beat George W. Bush’s 2000 record for most votes for a Republican candidate during a primary season.

According to Politico, Trump bested George W. Bush’s record of 10.8 million votes by reaching 11.1 million. And that’s with several states remaining, including the huge prize of California.

It all occurred on a Tuesday night when the problems with Hillary Clinton’s campaign were on full display.

On the plus side, she won her first primary in over a month, defeating her socialist rival Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont in the Kentucky primary. On the downside, it was a profoundly narrow victory, with Hillary winning by only 0.5 percent of the vote in a conservative state where Sanders’ socialism should have eliminated him from even competing.

In Oregon, a state where Sanders’ views were much more amenable to that of the population at large, Clinton lost by 12 points.

And if Clinton thought Sanders was going to be withdrawing any time soon to avoid a messier primary process, she had another thing coming. According to the Los Angeles Times, Sanders vowed to run “till the last ballot is cast” after his Oregon victory.

Trump is setting records and Hillary is in a battle for her political life. Who’s the “unelectable” one, again?

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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