Breaking: This Dallas Officer Is Suing Obama And Black Lives Matter For Killing Cops

Ever since the Black Lives Matter movement started, people have been on edge. Cops, civilans, and anyone of any color has to step on eggshells when around them or even talking about the racist hate group. Not anymore.

The BLM fueled explosion that was the Dallas riots led to the murder of innocent officers. It was disgusting, disturbing, and no one on the left gave 2 s**ts about it. They chalked it up to crooked cops doing crooked things all over the country. One cop had enough and what he’s doing is about to change the face of this nation.

Dallas police Sgt. Demetrick Pennie says President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Black Lives Matter are inciting violence and killing cops. So he’s suing for half a BILLION dollars!

What this brave officer is doing is taking a stand against a racist, domestic terror organization that is leading to the deaths of innocent people. Sgt. Pennie is an absolute hero not only for what he does in the field and in his line of duty every single day, but also because he is black and is speaking out against these hate mongers.

We need more men and women like him in this nation. If you support him, share this post everywhere. We need to get the word out that he is the majority here and that BLM and all their hateful supporters need to get with the program and be law abiding citizens.

We’re not out to get you, you’re out to get yourselves. Take some damn responsibility for your actions.


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