BREAKING: This Is Proof Obama Protected Hillary From FBI Scrutiny!

It seems like every single day we have another brand new story of Hillary Clinton’s shady dealings and flat-out corruption. As more emails that Hillary tried to hide become released to the public, it is evident that the corruption during her time at the State Department was on a massive scale.

So much so that the FBI even wanted to investigate how it all tied together with her foundation. But guess who stopped them?

Via CNN:

The Clinton Foundation was not part of the recent investigation into her private server; it was separate. The FBI went to Justice Department earlier this year asking for it to open a case into the foundation, but the public integrity unit declined. The Justice Department had looked into whether it should open a case on the foundation a year prior and found it didn’t have sufficient evidence to do so.

There you have it folks. Obama’s DOJ intervened to stop the investigation into Hillary and her shady foundation’s dealings. This is unacceptable. Do you think for one second she wouldn’t continue these practices in the White House?

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