BREAKING – THIS Politician is Considering a 3rd Party Run to STOP Trump

We are not even 48 hours from the Cruz and Kasich campaign suspensions and there is already talk coming from establishment GOP members about third party runs and how Trump is going to destroy the Republican party.

Mr. Ben Sasse, the Senator from Nebraska, made a “heartfelt” post on Facebook late last night, opening with If you are one of those rare souls who genuinely believe Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are honorable people – if they are the role models you want for your kids – then this letter is not for you. Instead, this letter is for the majority of Americans who wonder why the nation that put a man on the moon can’t find a healthy leader who can take us forward together.”

I am not going to go over his letter point for point, because you can read it for yourself below.

What I will do is give you my reaction after reading it, and seeing the response already from “constitutional” conservatives, of which Sasse claims to be, that want to save us from ourselves.

The Republican establishment has had control over both houses for some time, and what have you done for us?

Since you will undoubtedly feed us nonsense, let me answer that question for you, NOTHING!

Going back further to the Bush presidency, we have had one of the worst economic crashes our country has ever seen, a modern day depression, wars we should not be fighting, a healthcare program that is bankrupting both the industry and Americans forced to pay into it… but you know better than we do!

You offer excuses of executive orders that undermine you, but you do nothing to call the President out on his actions.

You are allowing the President to flood our country with possible terrorists and criminals yet you sit back and tell me you know better.

You are allowing our government to spend as much or more money on illegal immigrants as it does to care for our hero veterans.

You are allowing our government to spend 5 to 6 times that much on entitlement programs to fund food stamps, welfare, and rent subsidies to people too lazy to get off their sofa and get to work!

You tell me someone like Cruz would have been better for this country because he has principles. What principles did he engage when he penned legislation to enable illegal immigrants to obtain work in the great state of Texas, keeping actual citizens out of work!

What principles did he engage when he took money from establishment SuperPACs he vowed to fight?

What principles did he engage when he allowed those same SuperPACs to attack Donald Trump’s wife?

Even Kasich would have been better? You mean the man that has completely ignored the rural citizens of his state and has allowed drugs to overrun these same areas?

Now you tell me on May 5 you will not vote for Trump and cannot support him when the election is in November because you know better. I tell you that you are full of crap!

You have had your opportunity and the only reason you are so up in arms is because you are now in danger of losing your power back to the people. You can stand behind the Constitution all you want, but you are holding office while We the People are subject to the most overreach by the government we have ever seen!

Don’t come to me as though you are some type of savior to save our country from Donald Trump. By doing what you are doing and NOT allowing people to make up their own minds and to let his administration evolve, you are ensuring a loss.

What you are doing is ruining America, not saving it.

You will ensure at least eight more years of Democrat rule, basically turning our Republic into a socialist country.

You will ensure We the People will have virtually no say in what our government does any longer.

You will ensure millions of illegal immigrants suck our economy dry through entitlement programs.

You will ensure our veterans continue to be treated like second class citizens.

You will ensure we lose our second amendment rights to bear arms and turn current gun owners into criminals overnight when liberal pass gun confiscation legislation and literally come into our homes to take our weapons.

You will ensure the end of small business as we know it.

You will ensure the middle class paying higher taxes, putting more people further in debt.

You will ensure the continuation of Obamacare, forcing hard-working Americans to choose between healthcare and putting groceries on the table.

You are not our savior. You are not a martyr. You, and anyone thinking or acting like you, represent the end of the America we have known, loved, and defended.

You know as well as I do any 3rd party run guarantees Hillary Clinton wins this election. It does not save us from Trump, it exposes us to Hillary’s tyranny!

Donald Trump will evolve. He will fight for We the People, unlike yourself who only wants to fight to preserve your position in an overreaching government.

You disgust me sir, because your very actions prove you have no regard for the will of the people you claim to serve.

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