BREAKING – THIS Powerful Senator Calls for ‘Prison Sentence’ for Hillary

FBI Director James Comey has certainly done more damage than good to his country when he and the Bureau have decided to recommend Hillary Clinton be let-off the hook for her latest great scandal regarding the mishandling of her private email server. But, if the head of the FBI is incompetent to recommend justice as it should be recommended, within his jurisdiction, thank God there are others who would, in this case, Senators.

VIA Angry Patriot

When asked about the non-outcome of the Hillary investigation, Senator Rand Paul stated,“I think an indictment would be a good idea, followed by a prison sentence,” according

This is not the first time Senator Paul has gone after Hillary on this matter, either.

Earlier this month, the senator put together a petition to gather signatures to force the Justice Department to prosecute Hillary as it would any other citizen of this country.

For some reason, our federal law enforcement is leaning on the idea that simply because Hillary Clinton did not mean to do it, it was no longer considered a crime.

I am sure there are now thousands of defense attorneys preparing motions on their client’s behalf to tell the judge they didn’t realize they were doing anything wrong, therefore they should be allowed to go free.

But I would make the case, especially after seeing all of the leaked emails, that Hillary did indeed know what she was doing.

To me, it was as though she was purposely doing this to ensure certain communications were in fact hid from the American people.

It is interesting how some citizens still persist in following Hillary, even though she has at no point convinced us that she is dignified and is politics material. It is high time that we break this invisible force shield that sh uses to bounce off any kind of accusation and continues to shamelessly lie to the U.S. citizens.

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