BREAKING: Top Intel Chief Just EXPOSED Obama’s ISIS Secret To America…MILLIONS In Danger!

Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn was appointed by Obama not once, but twice. Once as the deputy director of national intelligence, then later as director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, so one would only assume that Obama would value what he had to say as it relates to intelligence.

However, nothing could be further from the truth. Can you guess how many times Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn met with the President? ZERO. Like, never…ever. Not once!!

Can you imagine how many millions of lives across the globe are affected by Obama’s blatant apathy, not only in America, but in every area Americans soldiers have been fighting terrorism?

Here is what has been reported..

From Daily Caller:

The general, who spent 33 years in the intelligence field, told The Daily Caller News Foundation he was never called in for a face-to-face meeting with Obama to offer his assessment of ISIS as it rampaged through the Middle East, or during the political  meltdown of Libya and Egypt, or on Iran’s efforts to build a nuclear bomb, or of the “Russian reset” that ended in shambles.

In four years, Flynn was never invited to brief the president on any kind of intelligence issue. Ever.

“Here is the crux of my relationship with Obama,” Flynn told TheDCNF in a wide ranging interview Tuesday. “Here I am, running one of the largest intelligence agencies in the world. He appoints me twice — one as the assistant director of national intelligence and one as the director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. I’m also his senior intelligence officer. And I had almost five years in combat.”

He paused, then said, “I never met with him once.”

“He’s a kind of a funny guy when it comes to relationships,” Flynn told TheDCNF. “He’s very aloof and very distant. I wasn’t on his screen at all. I wasn’t on his radar which is really sad. It’s amazing.”

Now in a turn of tables, Flynn is advising presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and is widely reported as being on the short list to run as Trump’s vice president.

Unlike Obama, Trump has not only met with Flynn but has also spent hours listening to Flynn’s views.

Flynn’s characteristic answers are candid and direct. On the possible choice as Trump’s vice presidential running mate: “This is an honor to be considered at this level and this mix of talent. The fact that my name is being bantered around in the small group of people for this very distinguished office is something I would give serious consideration to.”

He added that “I have said I want to continue to serve this country in any capacity.”

Like Trump, Flynn is an unconventional figure who abhors political correctness.

Why on earth would the President of United States not EVER meet with his defense intelligence chief? This is glaring proof that Barack Hussein Obama was never serious about defeating ISIS.

Time will tell if Flynn ends up being Trump’s VP candidate. Early reports indicate Mike Pence will be the VP choice by Trump, but you can rest assured Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn would be a welcomed addition to the Trump administration in some capacity, if not the vice president.

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