BREAKING: Trey Gowdy Issues Massive Statement About Donald Trump and “the Jury”

South Carolina Rep. Trey Gowdy made a huge announcement last week when he endorsed Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump after weeks of uncertainty among GOP lawmakers about supporting the businessman.

Gowdy was one of the more unlikely congressmen to come out with an endorsement of Trump, after he strongly supported Florida Sen. Marco Rubio before Rubio’s departure from the race.

However, Gowdy explained to MSNBC friday that, as someone who wants the best for the country, he would support whomever the people chose as their Republican nominee.

“My guy lost. When the jury speaks, I’m going to support the jury,” the career prosecutor said, referencing the GOP voters and the decision they have made.

“I was a Rubio guy and if Marco had won, I would have expected Cruz supporters and the Kasich supporters and the Trump supporters to support my guy,” he explained. “I’m going to support the Republican nominee who is very likely to be Donald Trump.”

Spokeswoman Amanda Gonzalez released a statement shortly after his surprising announcement.

“As Congressman Gowdy stated months ago, he will support the Republican nominee for president,” she said. “He strongly supported Senator Marco Rubio until Rubio suspended his campaign. Now that Mr. Trump is the Republican nominee, Congressman Gowdy will support him.”

Trump and Gowdy haven’t exactly been on great terms in the past, as Trump criticized the South Carolina representative on Twitter after he announced his support for Rubio.

In particular, Trump went after Gowdy regarding his handling of the House Benghazi committee hearings, which the candidate called a “total disaster for Republicans & America” in December.

Now, almost six months later, the two seemed to have patched things over following the congressman’s expressed support. In true form, Trump took to Twitter to thank Gowdy for the endorsement.

Gowdy has been quite popular among Republicans, and his support could bring in some conservative voters who have been hesitant to support Trump.

Meanwhile, Rubio has continued to express his concerns over Trump’s ability to lead conservatively, however he, too, has consistently said that he would support the GOP nominee, no matter what.

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