BREAKING – Trump Accuser Comes Forward, But We Found 1 Small Problem With Her Story

On Wednesday, the New York Times went on the attack after Donald Trump, uncovering two alleged sexual misconduct victims from Trump’s past. But cracks are already showing up with their stories.

Jessica Leeds, a businesswoman that claims Trump groped her during a first class flight, apparently used words from an old Velvet Underground song to describe the attack.

The problem with her description, according the initial report, is that this is a phrase that is rarely, if ever, used by assault victims.

And, as I stated in an article earlier, why stay silent for 30 years once you realize who this man is.

It is not like Trump did not make previous attempts at the White House. However, suddenly, when he is only weeks away from the people of this country casting their votes, we have a rush of allegations coming forward.

I am skeptical, to say the least. Were Trump not in the public eye until this moment, I get it. BUT, he has been in the spotlight and extremely wealthy for decades. In other words, there was plenty of incentive to out him long before today.

Trump also has a long history of helping women, not blocking their career paths. As we have noted on here many times, he hired the first woman to run a construction project when it was completely unheard of to have a project manager that was female!

I said these allegations would come forward, and they have started. And my guess is that this is hardly the last of them. Liberals are going to talk to every woman Trump has ever come across in his life to see if he did anything that could be construed as inappropriate.

And the more allegations he has to defend against, the less time he has to spend on the actual issues of this race. Not to mention it sets up the next debate as nothing but attacks against Trump versus going after Hillary for her actual record.

Trump needs to put these allegations down ASAP. He needs to factually discount them so he can concentrate on hammering Hillary. Election day is fast approaching and we have to get back to the issues if we are going to beat her in November.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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