BREAKING – Trump Accuser Is Fleeing Country After THIS Gets Revealed

One of Donald Trump’s accusers is about to pack her bags and leave the United States, and it is not because she is worried about Trump becoming President!

After making allegations about Trump allegedly groping her in 2003, Mindy McGillivray says she is in fear of her life from Trump supporters who know where she lives, according to the Washington Examiner.

She stated, “We feel the backlash of the Trump supporters. It scares us. It intimidates us. We are in fear of our lives.”

She continued, “I look out the window and there are cars just driving around the house and looking, slowing down right at the house. I don’t live in a gated community. This is dangerous. There could be people out there who want to hurt us.”

So, did anyone actually threaten her? No!

Did anyone actually attack her? No!

Does she know for certain people driving by her house are in fact Trump supporters lying in wait to do her harm? No!

There is but one word I like to use to describe this… Drama!

For those of you unfamiliar with her particular claim, Mindy is the one that felt someone “nudge” her at a concert, during a concert date that does not exist by the way, and blamed it on Trump because he looked away from her when she looked at him!

Now, I have been to plenty of concerts, and I am pretty sure if that is the standard for making accusations against someone, I could file charges against about ten thousand people!

Furthermore, she is not sure it was Trump, just that she is basing it on the fact that he looked away, because you know, there was nothing else going on if this incident even occurred at a concert, like the actual concert itself!

Her claim may be the thinnest of anyone coming forward, but I highly doubt any Trump supporter would harm her or her child over this.

This is just another play by a liberal looking for sympathy in the media by overdramatizing what is going on. We the People are more focused on putting Trump into the White House than we are hurting a woman and her child.

After all, WE are NOT Black Lives Matter!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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