BREAKING: Trump Announces Strategy To “Remove” Paul Ryan From Convention

On Sunday, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump inadvertently revealed his potential strategy for dealing with GOP House Speaker Paul Ryan, who last week announced that he would prefer not to endorse the billionaire candidate at this time, though he remarked that he could be swayed otherwise.

“I don’t want to mention it now … I’ll see after,” Trump replied when NBC host Chuck Todd asked whether Ryan should be allowed to be the chairman of the Republican National Convention the House speaker does not endorse the party’s presumptive nominee, according to The Huffington Post.

“I will give you a very solid answer if that happens — about one minute after that happens,” the presumptive nominee continued. “OK? But there’s no reason to give it right now. But I’ll be very quick with the answer. Let’s see what happens.”

Basically, Trump revealed that if Ryan did not officially endorse him, he would be open to removing him as the RNC chair.

This bombshell admission from Trump came only days after Ryan placed stipulations on his potential support, saying Trump must unify “all wings of the Republican Party and the conservative movement” and run a campaign in which voters “have something that they’re proud to support and proud to be a part of.”

The House speaker essentially tried to dictate the will of the people, who voted en masse in Trump’s favor during the primary elections. It therefore seems plenty fair for Trump to consider axing him as the RNC chair.

The primary election season is pretty much over, and Trump is guaranteed to be the nominee. There are no more ifs, ands and butts about it, so why is Ryan trying to act like a hotshot?

I’m not sure, but if Ryan doesn’t eventually come around, it appears he will have a steep price to pay to not only Trump, but the GOP voters themselves as well.

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