BREAKING – Trump Comes Forward to Issue URGENT Warning to Every American Patriot

The Clinton-Media smear machine is whirring in high gear, spewing out unverifiable stories about sexual assault allegations leveled against Donald Trump. And because they control the media, it is mostly all you are going to hear for the next few days.

But Donald Trump, his campaign, and his supporters know this is a deflection tactic to “run out the clock” until the eve of the election. So, by forcefully pushing back against the false allegations and embracing social media to advance the truth, Trump himself is exposing exactly what is going on. “The corrupt media is trying to do everything in their power to stop our movement,” reports Trump saying in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Trump couldn’t be more correct. With Wikileaks exposing the collusion between the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign, it has been proven the media is propagandizing and smearing to benefit Hillary Clinton.

It is a long-held tactic of the Progressive-Left to trot out sexual scandal allegations in a tight election. They know that “sex sells” in the mainstream media; that sex scandal stories raise an eyebrow and catch an ear, whether they are true or not.

So, by advancing false-claims of sexual assault and groping, and by attempting to paint Donald Trump a barbaric misogynist, Progressives know they can eat-up the election clock. They want this to happen so that Clinton won’t have to answer to the countless damning and damaging revelations coming forward through Wikileaks.

“It’s a phony deal,” Trump said, referring to the news stories about opportunistic claims of sexual misconduct against him. “The stories are total fiction…100 percent made up.”

While his campaign was doing everything to convince the GOP presidential nominee to return immediately to the platform issues that have served him so well to this point, Trump himself maintained that he had to “talk about it because you have to dispute when somebody says something.”

Every one of the allegations against him have been roundly refuted and debunked, not by a diligent and honest mainstream media, but by people in positions to do so. People with knowledge to debunk each of the accusers as opportunistic liars have come forward through social media to present their proof.

Stunningly, even as the truth is out there to be exposed, the mainstream media continues to spotlight political operative hacks posing as “political strategists” who are simply acting as propagandist stooges for the Clinton camp.

“What a rigged system, folks!” Trump thundered. “The corrupt media is trying to do everything in their power to stop our movement. They don’t want this happening. This whole election is being rigged…These lies spread by the media without witnesses…are poisoning the minds of the electorate.”

Truer words have probably never been spoken by someone running for President of the United States. As the mainstream media is operating now they are – literally – stealing the election from the people and handing the presidency to Hillary Clinton.

Even as Wikileaks is proving each accusation of criminality and unethical behavior against Hillary Clinton and her team to be one-hundred percent true, the mainstream media refuses to cover the truth with sincerity or weight.

“The media is covering up for the Clintons,” Trump said, referencing the emails revealed by WikiLeak. “The WikiLeaks documents show how the media conspires and collaborates.”

The only way to combat the stealing of this election is to actively engage in educating those who are waffling on the election. It is time to rally for our country, for the Constitution, and for the future generations of Americans. Hillary Clinton must be kept from assuming power or, as Ronald Reagan once said, “We will sentence our children to a thousand years of darkness.”

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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