BREAKING: Trump-Ex Drops 3-Word Bombshell on How New York Times Rigged Interview

One of billionaire businessman Donald Trump‘s former girlfriends revealed how The New York Times turned an interview with her into a hit piece against him.

The Times interviewed Rowanne Brewer Lane about Trump and his relationships with women. According to Brewer Lane, they promised they would report it accurately and fairly, but they did not such thing.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends” Monday, Brewer Lane said, “I did not have a negative experience with Donald Trump, and I don’t appreciate them making it look like that I was saying that it was a negative experience because it was not.”

In that interview with the Times, Brewer Lane explained how she met Trump at a pool party and at one point he asked her if she had a swimsuit, to which she replied she did not. He asked her if she wanted one and she said, “OK, sure.” She said the situation was not demeaning or negative in any way.

The Times, however, printed that Trump “suddenly” grabbed Brewer Lane by the hand and took her into a room, opened a drawer and told her to put on a swimsuit.

“They spun it,” the former model said. “I don’t know how many other girls feel like they were misquoted, but I know that for a fact I was, and I don’t want that out there.”

The Donald’s former girlfriend also said Trump was always kind and never demeaning.

Watch the interview with Brewer Lane below:

The New York Times has long lost its reputation for printing all the news that’s fit to print. In fact, it has turned into just another liberal media outlet that only publishes puff pieces about leftists like Hillary Clinton.

Sadly, its hit pieces against conservatives and Trump come as no surprise — and everybody knows it.

It’s time the Gray Lady admits that she has become nothing more than a mouthpiece for the liberal agenda.

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