Breaking! Trump Gains Four Points According To Latest Reuters Poll

Diana R. McConley Olson said: Voting people take your head out of the sand, why are all the corrupt politicians and GOP and RNC fighting WE THE PEOPLE to get TRUMP INTO the Presidency! Because Trump will clean house, and the corruption don’t like that. Take the blinders off and vote Trump.

Brenda Barton Church Keep moving up Donald! Women, get over it!!! The main issues going on in the US that can make or break us really doesn’t have to do with us women. Get over your whining and vote for DT. DT may not be politically correct, but it isn’t about you. My God…you would give up a great leader that can save the US, because your little old feeling were offended?! Give me a break. You already screwed up last time by voting smooth talking Obama in and look what you have caused now. Get over yourselves!

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