BREAKING: Trump Gets STUNNING News From Latinos And Blacks That Will ROCK Election

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has once again make news with data that could spell disaster for Democrats.

Results obtained by Culturintel, a website that compiles data analysis of unfiltered and unbiased digital conversations, showed Trump catching up to Democrat rival Hillary Clinton when it comes to support from Latinos and blacks.

Based on “big data” analysis of 30 days worth of information ending June 1, Fox News Latino reported that Trump enjoyed a 37 percent favorable rating among Hispanics, versus 41 percent for Hillary Clinton.

Perhaps more surprisingly, the two candidates were tied on the other side, with both being viewed negatively by 38 percent of Hispanics.

In addition, Trump appeared to be gaining popularity with black voters, which could spell trouble for the Democrats as well. While Trump still trailed behind Clinton with these voters, it’s worth noting that if Trump manages to get even 25 percent of the black vote, he would win in a landslide, according to the data.

Democrats have been more dependent on the black vote in swing states this election season than they usually have been, and losing as much as 25 percent of that vote could cost them the election. The Washington Post reported that even a small decline in black support could make a huge difference.

Trump has already gained on Clinton in some areas where Democrats generally have a stronghold, which should be enough to have Clinton a little bit worried. Trump’s rise in popularity among women should also keep Clinton up at night.

If Trump’s rise in popularity according to the data compiled by Culturintel is real — and it is reflected in actual polls or, even better, in the voting booth — it could result in a HUGE win for the Republican Party in November.

H/T The Gateway Pundit

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