BREAKING – Trump Issues THIS Warning to Chicago Mayor, Media Can’t Believe It

It was long been understood that crime in Chicago is out of control.

Donald Trump recently took a stand on the issue, saying crime has to be brought down, and it sounds like he doesn’t think the mayor can do it on his own…

Rahm Emanuel, Chicago’s current mayor, has previously spoken to Donald Trump about his worries surrounding illegal immigration, namely that Trump will deport child illegals, or “Dreamers,” as per Daily Mail.

Emanuel failed to mention the staggering crime in his city after his meeting with the president-elect. On the other hand, Trump’s tweet indicates that crime in the city has actually become worse since 2015!

Homicides, at least those that were reported, numbered 485 in that year alone, the largest spike of homicides in 60 years.

Obama’s administration didn’t do anything about it, but Trump? He’s ready to work with other levels of government to help our vulnerable citizens in Chicago. In fact, he’s ready to bring other levels of government to task for failing to properly address this problem years ago.

While liberals will blame Chicago’s woes on gun control, I think it’s much more likely the city’s illegal immigrants are a top contributor to the crime rate. The fact that the current mayor appears to be more worried about the deportation of illegals than his crime rates says everything you need to know about the city’s problem.

Hopefully, when Trump begins deportations, Chicago and other sanctuary cities will see a decrease in crime.

Eddie Johnson, Chicago Police’s superintendent, has made note of another contributing factor to Chicago’s crime. He thinks that backlash over police shootings has emboldened criminals to attack officers directly.

Johnson is also calling for some tough-on-crime measures that will likely gel nicely with Trump’s approach. The police superintendent said, “In Chicago, we just don’t have a deterrent to pick up a gun… Any time a guy stealing a loaf of bread spends more time pre-trial in jail than a gun offender, something is wrong.” Johnson says criminals think the criminal justice system is “a joke.”

He is also calling for gun-shot detection technology and street cameras. Hopefully, with Trump in office, the mayor will step out of the way and let the criminals be taken care of!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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