BREAKING: Trump Just Stole MASSIVE Group From Dems… Get Ready for President Trump

A new poll released this week shed some light on primary votes for GOP presidential Donald Trump, and the data should have Democrat rival Hillary Clinton quaking in her boots.

The RAND Corporation Preidential Election Panel survey showed that in December 2015, 8.6 percent of all Trump supporters said they voted for President Barack Obama in 2012. In March this year, 7.9 percent of all Trump supporters said they voted for Obama in 2012.

In addition, 1.3 percent of Clinton’s December supporters crossed over to Trump.

Sociologist Michael Pollard said the next wave of crossover data will be available in July, after the Republican and Democrat National Conventions, according to Breitbart.

This is bad news for Team Hillary. While 8 percent may not seem like like a big number, it’s huge considering how tight the race for the White House is right now. This means there could be more Democrat voters willing to cross over to Trump on the day of the election.

Pollard said there’s still chance that Trump’s primary voters will “migrate back to the Democratic candidate as the election draws closer” but there is also the chance that they won’t.

Trump has certainly gained appeal in heavily Democratic areas where Clinton has failed to make a connection with voters.

Clinton also must be worried about the support Trump continues to get from conservatives. According to the Rand poll, Trump also walked away some of his rivals’ votes in March. Trump snagged 7.4 percent of Sen. Ted Cruz voters, 7.1 percent of those who had supported Ben Carson, 2.1 percent who backed Jeb Bush and 2.6 percent who had supported Sen. Marco Rubio.

It’s a situation that must be giving her headaches. Combine that with other headache-inducing problems like an FBI investigation and Bill Clinton’s philandering past, and you’ve got the makings for a severe migraine.


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